Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach Ontario

History and a little bit about us

As a newcomer to Crystal Beach in 2000. We have had many great years renting our properties to great people, and enjoying the community grow and modernize around us. We have many properties available for rent, and enjoy renting our properties to new people each year. We are not a fancy Crystal Beach Resort but more of a cozy place to set up your feet, relax, enjoy our yard, and relax.

But to know where this all came from lets go back to the start. The are began way back in 1888 as a Chautauqua entertainment area, or religious campground. It is located about 60 kms southeast of Grimsby. This venue was popular at this time to draw an amazing 150,000 people per season. Quite a feat for 1888. Entrepreneurs, even back then, saw a huge opportunity to make money from the large number of people by having smaller slide show performances between religious sermons, and to also offer refreshments.

So in turn a group of investors got together in 1890 and formed The Crystal Beach Company. The beach area itself was a major attraction because of the gentle sloped sand underwater with no drop-offs. Crystal Beach Ontario was on its way of becoming a major tourist area of Fort Erie.

In time, investors installed various amusements, and they also built a huge glorious pier starting a ferry service to the park. The first group of customers arrived on July 16th of that year. At its high peak in the 40s and early 50s, the famous Crystal Beach Amuzement park had 20,000 visitors every day throughout the summer. Boat service connected many USA cities with Fort Erie with the park until the ferry services demise in 1956. The park was known for the famous and influential rollercoaster the Cyclone, built in 1927, it was one of the most advanced roller coasters around in North America. Following the park's closing in 1989 due to changing lifestyles and fierce competition from Canadas Wonderland and other close USA theme parks, the famous Comet was moved to Queensbury New York where it still is in operation today. Lets remember the past and the glorious times of the Amusement park.